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Cold Temperature Package for 10Micron GM4000 mounts.

SKU 1454011

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Allows the 10Micron GM4000 mount to operate to -35°C (-31 F) 
  • Use of special low temperature lubricants certified until -60°C or lower
  • Special copper wiring, silicone sheathed
  • Electronic components certified for temperature until -40°C
  • Endurance test at -35°C in our laboratory
  • Factory-only option for new purchases at time of ordering.

    Baader Planetarium have plenty of experience with domes and mounts in places of extreme cold - and this does not necessarily mean in the Antarctic! It is important, if not essential, that you need to your mount's lubrication,  electronics and cables will work and survive under these conditions.

    To test the workings of the 10Micron mounts, both Baader Planetarium and 10Micron each have identical cold chambers, in which the motors, gearboxes, encoders, individual electronic components and up to entire mounts the size of the GM 4000 HPS are load tested down to -86°C, over days and weeks - under working conditions (!).

    10Micron HPS mounts in the standard version are offered for the temperature WORKING RANGE from -15°C to + 50°C. In this temperature range, all standard components and moving cables can operate for many years without restrictions. When switched off, the GM mounts may be permanently exposed to -25°C ambient temperature without the possibility of degradation of the greases, or failure of the cables, etc. 

    From many years of experience, Baader Planetarium/10Micron have put together a Cold Temperature Package for the 10Micron GM4000 and GM3000 mounts where the operating temperature will be lower than -15°C.

    NOTE: This package option is only available for new purchases and can not be retrofitted.

    The ColdTemp upgrade includes:

    • Multi-day long-term test in a cold chamber at -35°C
    • Special lubricants for bearings and gearboxes, working up to -60 ° C
    • Pre-stressed axle bearings with special suspension on all axles and shafts as temperature compensation
    • Integrated Linux PC in cold-proof design, specified by the manufacturer down to -40 ° C
    • Silicone-flex cable inside the mount, laid as a single cable, with cold-resistant copper alloy and highly elastic, break-proof silicone sheath (Antarctic proven technology)
    • Absolute encoder with bearing preload, designed for continuous temperatures down to -40 ° C

    Please note that WiFi adaptation is not available in conjunction with the Cold Temperature package.