Baader Steel Leveling Flange for 10Micron GM4000 Mounts

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SKU 2451185
  • For 10Micron GM4000 mount
  • Provides a stable and accurate levelling platform for your mount.
  • Precision milled flat top plate and made from steel
  • Suitable as a pillar adapter flange to the Baader modal heavy duty steel pier #2451220

    The Baader steel leveling flange for the 10Micron GM4000 mount, consists of a precision milled top plate (upon which the mount is fitted) connected to the base plate by six steel bars. The base plate is attached to a pier.

    The flange allows also an accurate levelling of the mount without reducing the stability of the pillar. 

    The steel pillar flange #1454090 is required

    The photo below shows how the flange is attached to a pier with the connection/levelling bolts with a mount attached.


    SKU (#) 2451185
    TRIPOD HEIGHT (MAX) 100 mm / 150 mm
    MATERIAL Steel

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