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Baader Step-less 13 - 113mm Variable Diaphragm

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  • Steplessly variable, white anodized and heat reflecting diaphragm from 13- to 113 Millimeter for our D-ERF Filters
  • For optimum adjustment of a telescope aperture when observing with an H-alpha filter of Solar Spectrum (also suitable for other brands)
  • The diaphragm has four telescope-sided M3-threads on a pitch circle radius of 60 mm to fasten also on a DIY-holder.
  • Other applications: The iris may of course be used to selectively dimming of a refractor objective, eg to hide the edge residual error of inexpensive lenses
  • Please note: in addition to the price of the diaphragm there might be additional modification costs of EUR 50.- if we adapt the diaphragm to a self-manufactured D-ERF-filter holder (Our filter holders are available ONLY IN ADDITION to a Solar Spectrum H-alpha filter)
MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2459300
EAN CODE 4047825008459
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