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Baader T-2 Locking ring with lever for MaxBright II Binoviewer

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  • T-2 (M42x0.75) Locking ring with lever for direct attachment of the MaxBright® II onto all Baader T-2 star diagonals
  • Shortest possible Adaptation without Glasspath Corrector
In combination with telescopes with long focal lengths (f/10 or slower), it may be interesting to screw the binoviewer directly onto the star diagonal. This gives you a very short (and theft-proof) adaptation, which is ideal for public observatories. In addition, you can screw a T-2 star diagonal directly onto our Baader Diamond SteelTrack focusers with the optional T-2-adapter # 2957202 – very compact, and protected from "accidental removal". To do so, you have to remove the T-2 counter nut or the Zeiss microbayonet.

The shortest possible adaptation can be achieved with the Baader Prism Diagonal T-2/90° 32mm (#2456005)

You also need the T-2 Locking Ring #2458271 and the Bino auxillary-ring for adaptation of MaxBright® II (#2458272)  . Screw the Locking Ring onto the male thread of the T-2-prism and put the Slip Ring between binoviewer and locking ring. The raised surface of the slip ring should face towards the binoviewer and the flat one towards the star diagonal. Now screw the binoviewer onto the prism and fix it in the desired position with the locking ring. The slip ring lets you still set the interpupillary distance.

If the handle of the locking ring ends up in an uncomfortable position, you can change its position. It is only screwed into the ring, you can put it into any of the three threaded holes which are all around the locking ring, each 120° apart.
MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458271
EAN CODE 4047825039897