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Celestron NexStar RS-232 Cable

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  • Celestron RS-232 Cable connects your computerised telescope to a laptop or PC for control via various planetarium software programs
  • Attaches to the computer’s serial port (or via a serial-to-USB adaptor) and the telescope’s hand control via a phone jack plug
  • The Celestron NexStar RS-232 Cable is also necessary for flash upgrades to hand control software
  • Cable is 1.57m/62 inches long
  • Requires a Serial-to-USB Adaptor (#18775) if your computer does not have a serial port


Celestron's RS-232 Cable is used to connect a PC/Laptop to NexStar computerised telescopes via a port in the hand control. The large adaptor attaches to the serial port of your computer and the smaller phone-jack plug end goes into the base of the handset.

If your computer does not have a serial port, you will need a Serial-to-USB Adaptor (#18775) so that you can connect the RS-232 Cable via a USB port instead. The other end of the cable terminates in a phone-jack style plug, and simply snaps into the port designed for this purpose.

Once you have connected your computer and telescope, you can update your hand control firmware. The latest updates can be found in the Support section of this website.

Connecting a computer to your telescope will also allow you to navigate the telescope from your computer screen! There are many software programs available today that will not only display the night sky as it appears on any chosen observing night, but that will allow you to send your telescope to any object on the screen with the click of a button.

The cable is 1.57m/62 inches long.