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Celestron RASA 11" Light Pollution Imaging Filter

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  • Light pollution imaging filter for use with the Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph 11 (RASA 11)
  • Custom designed to replace the RASA’s optical window, maintaining optimum optical performance
  • Selectively blocks unwanted light pollution while providing over 90% transmission at critical wavelengths
  • Maintains a more neutral colour balance than other light pollution imaging filters, perfect for imaging colourful nebulae and galaxies
  • Every filter is individually tested for light transmission. A graph of test results for your specific filter is included for your reference

With Celestron's Light Pollution (LP) Imaging Filter, custom-designed for use with their RASA 11" astrograph, you can get the most out of your telescope even under light-polluted skies. No matter which camera you use, this filter’s generous 68 mm clear aperture allows it to easily accommodate today’s largest sensors. Utilising a machined aluminium housing and Schott B270 glass, the filter replaces the RASA’s clear optical window so the RASA’s optical performance is unaltered.

RASA 11" Filter for Light Pollution

Above: Where the Celestron light pollution imaging filter is placed.

Light pollution limits how much of the night sky we can see and photograph. When imaging with a colour camera in light polluted areas, skyglow degrades image quality. Light pollution filters help to selectively block light emitted from common streetlights and other ambient lighting. But most light pollution filters greatly compromise the total light throughput, causing dim images, and negatively impact the colour balance, causing images to appear too green or blue.

The Light Pollution Imaging Filter for RASA removes unwanted light pollution while preserving as much of the useful spectrum as possible. That means you’ll still retain over 90 percent of the light captured by your telescope at many wavelengths.

Unlike other light pollution suppression filters, the Celestron LP Imaging Filter for RASA maintains a relatively neutral colour balance so you can bring out subtle colour in galaxies and other faint deep sky objects. Multiple layers of specially-formulated dielectric coatings provide the desired transmission, while anti-reflective coatings minimise star halos and internal reflections.

Every Celestron Light Pollution Imaging Filter is tested individually for light transmission. Inside the box, you’ll receive a graph detailing the actual transmission spectrum for your specific filter.

Also included is a clear plastic case to protect the filter when not in use

Glass thickness 2.1mm
Filter diameter 72mm
Clear aperture 68mm
Coatings Hard coated dielectric and multi-layer anti-reflection coatings
Filter glass Schott B270
Housing Anodised aluminum