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Celestron SCT to 2" Adaptor

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  • Replace standard 1.25” visual back with this SCT to 2” adaptor to enjoy stunning views through 2” eyepieces and other accessories
  • Internal SCT threads provide a secure connection to the rear cell of most Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes
  • Features a brass compression ring - holds 2" eyepieces or diagonals tightly without scratching the barrels
  • Use with photo adaptors to attach imaging cameras to the rear of your Schmidt or Maksutov telescope
  • Features a durable, anodised black aluminium housing

Celestron's high quality SCT to 2" SCT adaptor provides a solid connection between a Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope and 2” accessories (e.g 2" diagonal). This accessory makes it possible to maximise the views through your telescope with your standard 2” push-fit diagonal, eyepieces, and other accessories (like 2" photo adaptors) allowing you to connect a camera for astroimaging.

The adaptor offers an ultra-secure threaded connection to your telescope. On the other side, a brass compression ring provides a strong grip on eyepieces accessories without scratching or denting their barrels. To tighten the ring around the accessory, just adjust the set screw.

With its precision machined aluminium construction and black anodised finish, this adaptor will resist corrosion and wear, providing you with years of use. The black interior also reduces the internal light reflections, enhancing your view.

Size 53mm x 57.15mm (2.125" x 2.25")
Weight 3.9 oz (112 g)
Color Black
Material Aluminium