Paramount MEII Counterweights

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  • For use with the Paramount MEII German equatorial mount
  • Balancing heavy payloads
  • Available in 30lb/13.6kg and 40lb/18.1kg weights 
  • Has larger 1.875" borehole
  • Stainless steel

These extra and optional 30lbs/13.6kg and 40lb/18.1kg counterweights are for use with the Paramount MEII with the 1.875" diameter counterweight shaft. The counterweights are used to help balance heavy payloads. The 40 lb (18.1 kg) is intended to minimise the total number of counterweights required when balancing heavier payloads. 


  • The Paramount ME II includes one (1) 1.875" diameter counterweight shaft and two (2) 1.875" bore, 30 lb (13.6 kg) counterweights.
  • The Paramount ME II can optionally accept the 1.5" diameter counterweight shaft and 1.5" bore, 20 lb (9 kg)  Paramount ME and Paramount MX counterweights.
  • Due to minor variations in the size of the stainless steel blanks, the exact outer dimensions of individual counterweights may vary, and the final weight may vary by +/-5 percent.

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