Paramount Mounting Ring Dovetail Accessory Plate

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  •  For Paramount ME II and Taurus mounts
  • Attaches to OTA mounting rings
  • Accepts 3"-wide Losmandy dovetail bars

This Mounting Ring Dovetail Accessory Plate can be attached to any of the Software Bisque OTA Mounting rings (Celestron 11-inch, Celestron 14-inch and Meade 16-inch) to carry additional equipment such as a guidescope, finderscope etc on the Paramount ME II. The accessory plate accepts standard Losmandy-style 3" wide dovetail bars.

The accessory plate can also be mounted with additional adaptors to OTAs used on the Taurus 400, Taurus 500 and Taurus 600 Equatorial Fork mounts. Please contact us for help regarding the correct adaptors that are needed for the Paramount Taurus.

Note that, while the Celestron 11-inch and Celestron 14-inch rings can be attached to the Paramount MX/MX+ Versa-Plate, the Paramount MX/MX+ Versa-plate hole patters don't allow this accessory plate to be attached to the OTA mounting rings.

The total weight of the accessory plate is 1.7kg (3.7 lbs).

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