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Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount

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  • Originates from the highly regarded Paramount
  • Compact fork mounted equatorial design for tracking horizon-to-horizon without merdian flip
  • Can accommodate 70-180kg payload (0.4m to 0.6m telescopes) with accessories
  • Assembled in one hour from 5 components
  • Belt driver gears and spring loaded worm for virtually backlash free operation
  • Dual axis high precision encoders (optional on Model 400)
  • Through-the-mount cabling for no cable snagging

The Paramount MEII is one of the most popular German equatorial mounts for advanced amateur astronomers or semi- and professional observatories. However, like all German equatorial mounts it has its disadvantages - such as meridian flips. Think of a Paramount ME II that doesn't have such disadvantages....welcome to the Paramount Taurus!

The Paramount Taurus is a compact equatorial fork mount that will track objects from horizon to horizon without the need for a meridian flip. There are 4 versions currently available:

  • Model 400: for 0.4/17" class telescopes (e.g. CDK17) up to 70kg
  • Model 400 OAE: Same specification as above but with absolute dual on-axis encoders (OAE) fitted
  • Model 500: for 0.5m class telescopes up to 180kg
  • Model 600: for 0.6m class telescopes up to 180 kg

The mount disassembles into five separate components with each weighing less than approx. 41kg, and all can be assembled in less than an hour, making for an easy installation. The video below shows how the Paramount Taurus can be easily assembled.

The video above shows how quickly the Paramount Taurus can be assembled. Keep an eye on the clock in front of the base of the mount for the timing.

The equatorial mount is suitable (out of the box) for locations between 0-58 degrees latitude. For the highest precision pointing and tracking, high resolution on-axis encoders are standard on some models (500 and 600) and optional on the entry level model (400). The mount has a number of features already found on the ME II such as through-the-mount internal cabling and belt driven gears with spring loaded work resulting in virtually zero backlash. The mount also comes with the highly regarded TheSkyX Pro software suite with Add Ons ProTrack, DirectGuide, SuperModel, Camera Add On and T-Point.

MOUNT Equatorial dual fork mount

Taurus 400/400OAE: 65kg

Taurus 500/600: 180kg

CONTROL SYSTEM ELECTRONICS MKS 5000 dual-axis motion control system
SOFTWARE TheSky Professional Edition, Camera Add On, TPoint Add On, Dome Add On
CONSTRUCTION CNC machined aluminum solid material, stainless steel
MOUNTING Built-in ratcheting system in the wedge

Taurus 400/400OAE: single or multiple OTAs with an outer diameter of 14 in. (36 cm) up to 22 in. (55 cm)

Taurus 500/600: single or multiple optical tube assemblies with an outer diameter of 24 in. (61 cm) up to 35 in. (89 cm)

INTEGRATED MOUNT BASE approx. 14 in. x 12 in. (36 cm x 30 cm) with 27 in. (43 cm) tall wedges.
MOTOR NEMA 23 Brushless DC Servo motors with a single stack on the RA axis.

Taurus 400/400OAE: 65 kg (142 lb)

Taurus 500/600: 170kg (375 lb)

COUNTERWEIGHTS 10 pounds (4.5 kg)
COUNTERWEIGHT SHAFT Fork arm counterweight shaft

Taurus 400/400OAE: 8 in. (20 cm) with ¾ in. cross section in right ascension; 8 in. (20 cm) declination axis

Taurus 500/600: 9.5 in. (24 cm) with ¾ in. cross section in right ascension; 8 in. (20 cm) declination axis

GEAR Research-grade 11.5 in. (29 cm) 776-tooth aluminum right ascension gear; 10 in. (25 cm) 420-tooth aluminum declination gear
SLEW SPEEDS 3.5 degrees per second in both axes
TRACKING PAST MERIDIAN up to 6 hours beyond the meridian
AZIMUTH ADJUSTMENT Mechanical, rotating push system with plus or minus 2.5° maximum adjustment
ALTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ¾ in. threaded adjuster with thrust bearings

20 arcseconds or less without on-axis encoders

10 arcseconds or less with optional on-axis encoders


Taurus 400: seven (7) arcseconds or less peak to peak periodic error before correction

Taurus 400OAE/500/600: periodic error is automatically removed