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Paramount WiSky MKS 5000 Wi-Fi Control Board

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  • For all current Paramount German equatorial mounts
  • For wireless control of the mount using TheSkyX Pro or TheSky (iOS)
  • Easy installation

The Software Bisque WiSkyTM board (PCB) allows TheSkyX Pro or TheSky for iOS to communicate with the following

  • Paramount ME II,
  • Paramount MX,
  • Paramount MYT,
  • any Paramount ME upgraded with the MKS 5000,
  • or any mount that employs Software Bisque's MKS 5000 dual-axis motion control system

so that you can control your mount wirelessly. The WiSky is a PCB that plugs into the MKS 5000 and TheSkyX Pro can be used to configure the WiSky from the Bisque TCS Window. The video below shows the installation of the WiSky PCB onto the MKS5000 control board.

Please note: WiSky does not provide wireless access to the USB ports on the Versa-Plate's Instrument Panel.