PlaneWave 0.66x Reducer for CDK20/24 Telescopes

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  • PlaneWave 0.66x reducer designed specifically for CDK 20/24
  • Reduces the f ratio by 66%.
  • Gives wider field of view and reduces exposure times 

This PlaneWave reducer is for use with the PlaneWave CDK20 and CDK24 telescopes. It reduces their f-ratio of the CDK telescope 66%.

  • CDK20 f/6.8 telescopes will be reduced to about f/4.5
  • CDK24 f/6.5 telescopes being reduced to f4.3.

**NOTE - The #1326020 (PW#200166) adapter is also compatible with the CDK17 that have a 8.81" back focus. The CDK17's with 10.24" back focus will use the #1326012 (PW#125166) focal reducer. See instruction manual for details.


Instruction manual for 0.66x reducer

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