PlaneWave 2" CCD Standard Fit Extension Spacer

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  • Spacer extender for CCD Cameras
  • 2" Barrel
  • Three different lengths available

The PlaneWave CCD Spacer accepts a standard 2" diameter barrel and comes in three lengths:

  • 9.78cm (3.8")
  • 8.38cm (3.3")
  • 7.25cm (2.8")

To choose the correct spacer, you want the back focus of your camera plus path length of any other accessory plus the CCD spacer to be between 4.8" and 5.8".

CDK20: The back focus of the CDK20 is 5.8" from the racked in focuser and the focuser has 3.3cm/1.3" of travel. 

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