PlaneWave Ascension A200HR German Equatorial Mount

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  • High precision German equatorial mount
  • State of the art absolute encoders on RA and DEC axis
  • Capable of carrying 125kg/257lb payload
  • Uses SiTech (Sidereal-Tech) Control System
  • Internal cable routing for no cable snaging
  • Modular design for permanent or field use

The PlaneWave Ascension 200HR German Equatorial Mount is designed to give unrivalled performance with up to 125kg/275lbs of telescope and accessory payload. The mount uses 360-tooth, 307mm/12.1" diameter gears in both RA and DEC and also has built-in homing sensors on each of the axes. 

Schematic of A200HR Mount

The Ascension 200HR is additionally equipped with a state-of-the-art high resolution (0.07 arc sec) Renishaw encoder on each axis that corrects for residual mechanical errors including Periodic Error and DEC backlash, thus enabling long, unguided exposures to be achieved.

M1 Showing no trailed images during this exposure

Image above shows pinpoint star image taken with CDK17" and using 300s UNGUIDED exposure.

The precision encoder technology used in the A200HR is a breakthrough in value for a telescope mount using quality components usually found in mounts costing much more.

The A200HR's encoder uses a 'non-contact' design that offers high speed, reliable operation with zero friction and zero wear. The encoders sits above a 20 µm thin flexible steel strip, which is gold plated to give high reflectivity as well as corrosion resistance. This ensures repeatable, precise results & a long life of your mount.

Kabel durch die Stundenachse

When CCD cameras, filter wheels, electronic focusing kits, dew heater bands , and other accessories are used with telescopes there are usually a myriad of cables associated with them. Having the cables "dangling" can potentially lead to them snagging.The PlaneWave A200HR mount features internal cable routing allowing accessory data/power cables to easily run through the mount. 

The PlaneWave Instruments Ascension 200HR mount is beautifully machined and finished. The mount features anodised aluminium with touches of powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel components. The mount is also supplied with a hand control pad. The A200HR is modular in design which makes the mount easily transportable for field work, breaking down into three components with the heaviest component being 43kg/96lbs. The Ascension 200HR is therefore an excellent mount for both permanent observatories and portable applications. 

Included items:

  • EQ Head
  • Sidereal Tech Control System
  • Control Software and Driver
  • PlaneWave 8-inch Saddle - or - PlaneWave's tilt-in saddle for Losmandy style 3-inch dovetail plates
  • Counter-weight Shaft (No weights included.)
  • Shipping Crate



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    Type Observatory class German Equatorial Mount
    Weight 240 lbs (108.9 kg)***
    Component Weights Base 50 lbs, RA 76 lbs, Dec 96 lbs, Count Weight Shaft 18 lbs
    Max. Load Capacity 275 lbs (124.7 kg)
    Latitude Range 0 to 90 degrees, Northern and Southern hemispheres
    Tracking and Slewing Range 22.5 degrees past meridian, East and West
    Finish Anodized aluminum with touches of powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel complements
    Cable Management Equipment cables can be wired through mount
    A200 Base Mounting Hole Pattern Hole Pattern (PDF)



    RA Gear 12.1 inch diameter, 360 teeth, aluminum worm gear
    Dec Gear 12.1 inch diameter, 360 teeth, aluminum worm gear
    RA and Dec Axes 3.0 inch stainless steel shaft with a 2.0 inch through-hole
    Motors US Digital 500 CPR (2000 ticks in quadrature)
    Motor Speed Reduction 19.7:1 in gear head, 2:1 belt reduction, 360:1 worm reduction
    High-Resolution Encoders On Axis 10 inch-diameter Renishaw high resolution encoders fully integrated into each axis, with approximately 14 million ticks per rotation (0.07 arc seconds per tick)



    Control Electronics Sidereal Technology dual axis telescope control
    User Interface Handpad and ASCOM-compatible SiTech control software for PC control applications
    Modeling Software PointXP telescope modeling software is fully integrated into the SiTech PC-based control software
    Homing Sensors Home position sensors are included. The mount can find the home position on power up.
    Slew Rate 2.75 degrees per second maximum, both axes
    Power Requirement Accepts 12 to 24VDC. Supplied with 24VDC 9.2A Regulated Power Supply




    Crated Shipping Weight 372 lbs   (168.7 kg)
    Crate Width 30 inch   (762 mm)
    Crate Length 36 inch   (914 mm)
    Crate Height 30 inch   (762 mm)

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