PlaneWave Equatorial Wedge for L-500/L-600 Direct Drive Mounts

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  • PlaneWave's equatorial wedge for precise polar alignment and tracking accuracy.
  • Increases the versatility of PlaneWave L-500/L-600 direct drive mount
  • Available for different latitudes

PlaneWave's L-500/L-600 mounts are designed mainly to work in alt-az mode. However there may be times that a wedge mounted system is better suited - for example doing imaging when a field de-rotator is not available or required. With PlaneWave's equatorial EQ Wedge you can add this versatility to the L-500/L-600 direct drive mount.

The wedge allows for for precise polar alignment and tracking accuracy.  Each wedge is made for your specific latitude and has a latitude adjustment range of +/- 3 degrees. The wedge uses oversized fine thread adjustment screws and brass tightening nuts for fine latitude adjustment.

Weighs 66kg/145lbs fully assembled.

There are a number of versions available depending on your latitude.

  • #1321150 (PW #600560-15) - For latitudes 12-18
  • #1321151 (PW #600560-20) - For latitudes 17-23
  • #1321152 (PW #600560-25) - For latitudes 22-28
  • #1321153 (PW #600560-30) - For latitudes 27-33
  • #1321154 (PW #600560-35) - For latitudes 32-38
  • #1321155 (PW #600560-40) - For latitudes 37-43
  • #1321156 (PW #600560-45) - For latitudes 44-50


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