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PlaneWave Finderscope and Mounting Bracket for CDK Telescopes

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  • For PlaneWave CDK telescopes
  • 50mm aperture finderscope for easy celestial target locating
  • Illuminated cross hair eyepiece
  • Comes with adjustable mounting bracket and mounting plate

The PlaneWave finderscope is a high quality Stellarvue 50mm aperture scope and comes with an illuminated cross hair eyepiece. It comes with an adjustable quick-release finderscope mounting bracket. 

The finderscope mounting plate attaches to the back plate of the telescope and the quick release finder bracket attaches to the mounting plate. The finder mounting L- bracket is also sold separately, see part number #1323630.  

Tip: If the main telescope is used on a German Equatorial mount, one suggestion is  to purchase two finderscopes, one for easy viewing when the telescope is on the east-side and one for easy viewing when on the west-side.