PlaneWave 3.5" Hedrick Focuser for CDK14/17/20/24 Telescopes

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SKU 1329050
  • For PlaneWave CDK14/17/20/24 Telescopes
  • Heavy duty non-slip focuser
  • Can carry 9kg/20lb imaging payload
  • Can be automated using PlaneWave's Electronic Focusing Accessory (EFA) kit

The Hedrick focuser was designed by Richard Hedrick, one of the co-founders of PlaneWave Instruments. It is a heavy duty non-slip focuser that is capable of handling instrument payloads of up to 9kg/20lbs.

The (inner) focusing tube runs on 5 bearings and is driven by a lead-screw so there is no chance of slipping. The focusing process may be automated using a computer using PlaneWave's EFA Kit add-on kit (see #1329020/#1329024). The focuser comes with a pre-installed motor that can be controlled with the EFA hand control or via software. The draw tube travel is 33mm/1.3".

When using the Hedrick focuser with the optional PlaneWave EFA kit , you can remotely control the focuser using PlaneWave's PWI control PC software. You can download the PWI software from our Downloads page HERE. Alternatively the focuser can be controlled from within the MaximDL software package.


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