Planewave IRF90 Integrated Rotating Focuser

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  • For CDK14/17/20/24 and CDK700
  • Integrated unit for focusing and camera rotation
  • Can be used as a field de-rotator
  • Can carry 18kg/40lbs instrument payload

Planewave's Integrated Rotating Focuser IRF90 is a heavy duty electronic focuser and field (de-)rotator that is integrated and built into one single high quality unit. The rotator can be used both for framing CCD images, for finding a guide star or for the purposes of field de-rotation for Alt-Az mounted telescopes. The IRF90 requires a standard Electronic Focuser Assembly (EFA).

The IRF90 is capable of lifting a massive 18 kg/40lbs of eqipment with a focus movement range of approx 30 mm (30000 microns). The rotator has an aperture of 90mm, can rotate 365 degrees and has safety hard-stops to eliminate cord wrap. The IRF90 connects directly to the back of the CDK telescopes but it is also used as a field de-rotator/focuser for the alt/az CDK700 model.

The IRF90 is compatable with the following Planewave telescopes:

  • CDK14
  • CDK17
  • CDK20
  • CDK24
  • CDK700 (field de-rotator and focuser).

Please note that due to the back focus of the CDK17 and CDK20, the focuser cannot be used for visual use. Furthermore when using off-axis guiders, only small bodied autoguiding cameras can be used otherwise they will interfere/collide withe the face-plate of the IRF90. 



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