Remote Switch for 10Micron mounts

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  • Remote Switch for 10Micron GM-Mounts
  • with1m cable and german manual
  • 12V/100-240V Power Supply
  • incl. web interface and smartphone app

The Expert Net Control 2104 Remote Switch module is the perfect accessory for on/off control of your 10Micron GM mount in a remote operated observatory. For reliability, and for reasons of failure safety, the module does not communicate via USB, but only via LAN. The module can be connected to the same LAN network as the mount. 

A 10Micron GM mount can be switched on and off remotely via the external switching device expert net control 2104. For this, the 3-pin stereo jack (8) EXT SWITCH is connected in parallel with its two front contacts (stereo left and right, without ground) to the ON / OFF switch (3). This is a so-called rocker switch which is only closed for the duration of pressing the rocker (approx. 3s).

The expert net control 2104 switching module must be operated as a rocker switch. It must close the contact for one to three seconds, but not continuously: Switch on – wait for 3s – switch off. The mount is now switched on. Same procedure for switching off the mount: Switch on – wait for 3s – switch off.

After installation, the module can be accessed in the network via the assigned IP address via any browser. If your router has WiFi, you can also use your smartphone, if it is connected to the same network. Simply enter the IP in the browser or use the free app. This article is prepared by us so that it can be used directly with a GM mount. All cables are prefabricated and enclosed. In addition, we have written an instruction manual, which discusses the use with a 10Micron GM mount. 

The Remote Switch is supplied with:

  • 12V/100-240V Power Supply
  • Jack for connection to the Control Box of Mount
  • 1m Network Cable
  • Driver, Tools & Manual
  • incl. instruction manual
Technical Specifications
MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2455030
ADAPTABLE TO 10micron GM-Mounts

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