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Solar Spectrum Research Grade 0.4x and 0.7x Telecompressor

SKU 2459260

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Used in conjunction with the Solar Spectrum H-alpha rear mounted filter system and Telecentric TZ system
  • To give wider field of view and/or to help with poor seeing conditions
  • Two models available: 0.4x and 0.7x
  • adjust the focal length in order to improve poor seeing conditions and / or to give a wider field of view

This Solar Spectrum 0.4x telecompressor (TC) is for use in conjunction with the Solar Spectrum H-alpha rear mounted filter systems. The Solar Spectrum H-alpha filters require a parallel light " input", so  a telescope with a focal ratio of at least f/30 is needed. This can be achieved with one of the Baader TZ Telecentric systems (and also by possibly "stopping down" the telescope aperture). The focal length extension in many telescopes results in the field of view may become very narrow and restrictive, meaning that the Sun is not completely viewable. Furthermore, the effects of poor seeing may also become more discernible. In such cases a wider field of view may become more desirable and useful.

Comparison images showing the effect of using a Telecompressor.

The above 2 images show the effects of using a telecompressor. The image on the left is quite "soft". The image on the right is much sharper and has a wider field of view.

The Solar Spectrum Telecompressor is used to adjust the focal length - to help against poor seeing conditions and / or giving a wider field of view for imaging purposes. 

 There are two telecompressor versions available: a 0.4x and a 0.7x:

  • The RG 0.4x Telecompressor features 46mm clear aperture matching that of the TZ-3 Telecentric throughout, perfectly suitable even for the large SolarSpectrum RG46 Research Grade H-alpha Filters
  • Working distances (Distance to the camera sensor)
    • 0.4X TC: 74mm (Distance to the camera sensor), optimized for videography and full solar disc imaging. Ø 16 mm corrected image field in conjunction with the TZ-3
    • 0.7X TC: 110mm
  • 2" male threads on both sides, fitting the SolarSpectrum Universal Flange Adapter #2958240 (included as standard on both sides of the SolarSpectrum H-alpha filters)