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Starlight Xpress Maxi Filter Wheel with Integrated Off-Axis Guider

Carousel Option

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Accommodates up to 11 x 36mm/1.25" filters
  • No need to regularly swap carousels helps protect filters from damage
  • USB powered
  • Various carousel options
  • Multiple input and output adaptors available

A unique feature of the Starlight Xpress Maxi Filter Wheel is that it can accommodate 9 x 2” round filters or up to 11 x 36mm unmounted (or 11 x 1.25”) mounted filters too. This makes LRGB, Narrowband and other ranges of filtered imaging (e.g. photometric) possible from a single filter carousel without the need for swapping carousels “in the field” during your imaging session. This also minimises the exposure of the filters to dust, fingerprints or potential scratches or damage.

The filter wheel is also unique in that incorporates an adjustable built-in off-axis guider assembly that makes guiding easy with most guide cameras such as the Starlight Xpress UltraStar.

Other features of the Maxi Filter wheel include:

  • USB2.0 powered so requires no additional power to operate.
  • Uses the same control protocol as the other Starlight Xpress filterwheels and it is also ASCOM compliant meaning the wheel can be controlled from other available software suites (e.g. MaximDL/TheSkyX)
  • Uses both USB and serial inputs. The entire electronic assembly is USB powered and does not need an external power supply (the serial input does require a small PP3 style battery, if this is used).

Input and output adaptors:

The filter wheel also has a large input (telescope side) and output (camera side) aperture of up to 65mm clear diameter (with the 72mm adaptor). The standard supplied output adaptor ring is a male 72 x 1mm threaded version, intended for attaching to the Starlight Xpress SX-35/36/45/46 cameras, but other alternatives are available. A male or female 68 x 1mm ring, or a 'universal' ring which allows any of our smaller filter wheel rings to be used can also be supplied. For example, the universal ring can couple to a T2 ring for connection to most of the small cameras that use the standard T2 thread. Furthermore, these same rings (male or female) may be used on the input side of the wheel, making the maxi wheel very versatile.

There are a number of filter carousel options are available:

  • 7 x 2 inch square unmounted filters.
  • 9 x 2 inch (50.8mm) round unmounted filters.
  • 9 x 48mm threaded filters.
  • 11 x 36mm round unmounted filters.
  • 11 x 1.25 inch threaded filters

  • The unmounted filters may be up to 5mm thick



    Overall dimensions:

    • Diameter: 274mm (10.8 inches)
    • Thickness between input and output adaptors: 41.6mm (1.63 inches)
    • Weight: 1.6kg (3.5 pounds)