10Micron Tripod Adaptor Flange for GM1000 Mount

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  • To be used with the 10Micron GM1000 
  • Fits 10Micron and Baader pier

This adapter flange allows you to attach the GM1000 mount to the

  • 10Micron Standard round pillar
  • Baader Octagonal pillar (#2451210) using the specific Baader levelling flange (#2451187).
  • Old Baader AHT tripod.

The flange can also be used for custom made pillars or tripods.

Please note: This flange is normally supplied with the GM1000 mount. It is made of black anodised aluminum. Also it is not necessary for the ARIES tripod.

  • Made from CNC machined aluminium and anodised black
  • For 10Micron GM1000

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